Seven States Power Corp., with partners the U.S. Space & Rocket Center, and Huntsville Utilities, broke ground on Thursday, August 27, for Project Liftoff. This new power supply flexibility project took months of planning and coordination between the three organizations. The first project of its kind in the Tennessee Valley, Project Liftoff will integrate solar power, battery storage, and electric vehicle (EV) charging with an educational exhibit for visitors.


The installation, located in the parking lot of the Davidson Center for Space Exploration, near the vertical Saturn V rocket, will help offset the Space & Rocket Center’s energy usage and offer convenience to the growing number of electric vehicle drivers with its EV charging station.


“Not only will the project help the non-profit Space & Rocket Center reduce their energy costs, but through the educational exhibit, we hope visitors will learn about the sustainable benefits of renewable energy both on earth and in space,” said Steve Noe, Director of Strategic Energy Solutions for Seven States Power.


“Project Liftoff came to fruition thanks to the new power supply flexibility options under TVA’s Long-Term Partnership Agreement,” added Betsey Kirk McCall, Seven States Power Executive Vice President for Market Strategy & Corporate Operations.  “We hope Project Liftoff will serve as a model for the possibilities of partnership to the 153 local power companies we serve across the Tennessee Valley.”


Construction of the project is slated for completion in September with a grand opening during the Seven States Power annual meeting on October 1.