Monthly Archives: July 2021

Leading EV Readiness Efforts in the Valley

One of the ways Seven States is fulfilling its mission as the future-ready provider in the Tennessee Valley is by helping local power companies (LPCs) meet the changing needs of customers in the electric vehicle (EV) space. In June, as Seven States celebrated the deployment of its 100th EV charger in the Tennessee Valley, it launched EV365 – a utility readiness platform – to help LPCs simplify electrification and create economic value in their communities through a series of tools and

Development of the Middle Mile Fiber Network

By leveraging bulk pricing and strategic partnerships, Seven States is working to stand up a valley-wide fiber transport network to fully interconnect utilities in the Tennessee Valley. The “Middle Mile” fiber optic network, owned and operated by local power companies (LPCs), will enable grid modernization of the electric system, offer operational efficiencies, and enhance reliability for consumers and communities across the seven-state region. As Seven States continues its work to interconnect the 153 LPCs in the Valley, the power of partnerships

Seven States Leading Innovative Work Across the Region

On May 12, Seven States Power Corporation held its first board meeting as a newly independent business. One of the most significant actions taken during the meeting was the board of directors’ unanimous endorsement of a resolution defining Seven States’ role in the Tennessee Valley as a trusted energy solutions provider for local power companies (LPCs). Owned and operated by the 153 LPCs in the Tennessee Valley, Seven States is more than an equipment provider or execution arm, it is an