Seven States Member-Owners, Partners, and Friends,

Following the conclusion of our annual meeting, I want to take a moment to reflect on the past year and thank each of you for allowing Seven States to serve you in 2021.

As those of you in attendance at Rock City heard, there are a lot of exciting things happening in the Tennessee Valley. At Seven States, we are proud to play a distinct role in that progress as the trusted energy and technology solutions provider for local power companies (LPCs).

This year, our board identified Seven States as a much-needed entity and dedicated a full-time staff to research, design solutions, collaborate with TVA and industry partners, and deploy technology for and with LPCs. The board’s actions allow us to be laser focused on helping LPCs meet their technology needs. And the timing is good because of the exponential increase in demand for project management and consulting services from our members.

To date, more than 70 LPCs have utilized Seven States for electric vehicle (EV) charging, solar, fiber, and load management projects. On average, we have saved LPCs more than 5% with our special pricing arrangements.

Whether through Project Liftoff in Huntsville, the celebration of our 100th EV charging installation in two years, or the solar-powered arbor unveiled last week at Rock City, it is easy to see how we are investing, validating, and learning from research that gets more refined with each subsequent design and deployment.

At the end of the day, it comes down to this: we are serving as the “easy button” for our member-owners’ innovation needs.

So, what comes next?

With increased focus nationwide on carbon reduction, renewable resources, and digital solutions – and with unprecedented flexibility from TVA to provide cleaner, greener power – LPCs are rapidly evolving.

Long gone are the days of solar, battery storage, electric vehicle chargers, fiber deployment, and cybersecurity being “technologies of the future.” The future is here. And at Seven States, we are ready to help our member-owners meet the moment. Not just conceptually or through conversation – but in practice.

We are experiencing substantial growth and have a lot of exciting work in the pipeline, including:

  • The DC Fast 50 Charger Program has attracted interest from 30 LPCs, with 27 fully executed letters of intent (LOIs) in place and more than 10 additional projects in the pipeline.
  • 109 charging station ports have been installed across 35 LPC territories, with 63 additional projects in the pipeline.
  • 10 active solar consulting projects are in the pipeline.
  • Phase one of the Valley-wide middle mile fiber project is underway, with 35 of 44 LPCs in phase one having signed participation agreements.

As we have taken powerful steps to define our brand, build a portfolio of projects, and dedicate a growing full-time staff to Seven States, we believe our work speaks for itself and reflects the success of our member-owners.

Looking to the future, and with our member-owners in the driver seat, we are eager to continue serving as the vehicle for innovative projects. And with your continual support, I know we will continue to move the Valley forward together.


Betsey Kirk McCall
President and CEO
Seven States Power Corporation