The electric infrastructure in the Tennessee Valley keeps the lights on for millions of homes and businesses.  Protecting these assets from cyber threats is critically important.  While government entities are increasingly getting involved in the domestic cybersecurity arena, LPCs can now find solutions closer to home.

True to its purpose as an innovation hub and technology solutions provider for LPCs, Seven States is offering LPCs a tailored solution to this pressing challenge.

Through its partnership with INTUITIVE, a technology management and development firm based in Huntsville, AL, Seven States is providing LPCs with a dedicated security operation center (SOC) that monitors and responds to cyber threats in real-time by expert cybersecurity professionals. The LPC SOC allows cyber professionals to be singularly focused on the security of LPCs without being distracted by the cybersecurity vulnerability of other industries like finance or manufacturing.

The Seven States/INTUITIVE solution, known as the Grid Cyber Protection Service (GCPS), is much more than a corporate network security program. The GCPS was designed with the unique needs of the utilities in mind so that they can actively monitor specific endpoints, like SCADA, as well as their corporate network.

This new service is an example of Seven States doing what it does best: partnering to move the whole Valley forward through innovative technology.

Reach out to BJ Bernard to see if the solution that Seven States has designed, developed, and deployed is right for your unique situation.