Monthly Archives: February 2023

Dr. Angela Verdell: Valley Innovation Ambassador

One of the first actions Dr. Angela Verdell took when she became the general manager of Columbus Light & Water in 2021 was to improve internal technology to better serve her customers. “It was a big deal for us to transition from several manual and paper formats to digital, but it has made our overall facilitation so much easier. And now that we’ve started upgrading the fiber ring for operations, that’s going to give us better system reliability, redundancy, and customer

Keith Hayward: Valley Innovation Ambassador

Keith Hayward has seen more than his fair share of technology development in the Valley. Serving as General Manager and CEO of North East Mississippi Electric Power Association since 2013, Keith has worked tirelessly to keep his LPC at the forefront of innovation. We asked him to share his experience with innovative technology deployments as it relates to his LPC footprint: “As technology develops in our industry, co-ops in rural areas need technology even more because we’re so spread out and