One of the first actions Dr. Angela Verdell took when she became the general manager of Columbus Light & Water in 2021 was to improve internal technology to better serve her customers.

“It was a big deal for us to transition from several manual and paper formats to digital, but it has made our overall facilitation so much easier. And now that we’ve started upgrading the fiber ring for operations, that’s going to give us better system reliability, redundancy, and customer responsiveness.”

Soon, the technological improvements at Columbus Light & Water could be seen outside of the organization as well.

“Implementing an outage management system was also a huge step forward. We now have the opportunity to send text messages and alerts to our customers, which has helped our communications efforts tremendously.”

Angela noted that Seven States has been a valuable resource for her LPC during these technology transitions.

“Seven States was instrumental in making our EV charging stations a reality, and they also continue to provide insight into different projects that we are considering for our system. It has been so reassuring to have a team that knows what’s happening in the industry and what kinds of solutions we should consider in the future.”

Like any good leader, Angela is always planning ahead. She envisions big changes for her LPC footprint in the years to come.

“I would love to see us partner with the City of Columbus to add some solar generation. I would also like to help our school district acquire electric school buses. We are also helping our community become more future-focused as well by offering classes to teach our customers how to become more technologically savvy. It’s important to stay as informed as you can on what’s happening across the industry and do what makes sense for your current and future customers.”