Monthly Archives: March 2023

Jeff Hurd: Valley Innovation Ambassador

With 33 years of experience in the industry, Jeff Hurd’s transition to general manager of Hopkinsville Electric System in 2017 was an opportunity to ensure his system was prepared for the future. “Automated Metering Infrastructure was at the top of our list of innovative advancements. We went from reading meters once a month to being able to have our customers’ information right at our fingertips. This has helped us educate them about their usage habits and help predict future patterns. Digitizing

Dewayne McDonald: Valley Innovation Ambassador

Dewayne McDonald knows how innovative partnerships and technology can prepare us for the future. Since 2019, Dewayne has led Warren Rural Electric Cooperative Corporation as president and CEO with an emphasis on technological diversity and strategic partnerships. We asked him to share his experience with deploying past projects with Seven States: “One thing I especially appreciate about our partnership with Seven States is the fact that it would be so difficult for a utility to do everything related to a new