The Seven States Middle Mile Network (SSMMN) will be a private carrier-grade communications fiber optic network built, owned, and operated by Seven States Power Corporation (Seven States) and its membership comprised of Local Power Companies (LPC) across TN, KY, MS, AL, GA, NC, and VA. The network will connect the internet backbone to LPC last mile providers and will deliver both broadband and electric system benefits.

For LPCs offering broadband services, the SSMMN will deliver high-speed, reliable internet to each participating LPC at a wholesale rate that leverages the buying power of the entire Valley.  Also, the SSMMN will facilitate last mile buildouts by delivering affordable broadband access to distressed counties throughout the Valley. LPCs offering broadband services will then be able to offer world-class internet solutions at affordable retail rates to currently unserved and underserved communities.  Additionally, large entities such as government institutions, hospitals, universities/school systems, financial institutions, and other commercial entities will be able to utilize the network to connect facilities across the region.

Many LPCs have implemented technology to better monitor and control energy assets on the distribution system.  As consumers install smart meters, solar panels, EV chargers and other devices that involve the two-way flow of both electricity and data, utilities are investing in their own communications infrastructure to provide the level of security and redundancy needed to operate the electric grid. Through the SSMMN, distributed energy resources (DERs) across the Valley can be connected for instantaneous communications, and aggregated to improve reliability, reduce outages, and manage growing load demand.

The LPCs and Seven States are well positioned to build, own, and operate the SSMMN. A network that interconnects utilities to deliver both electric system and broadband benefits will build a stronger future for the communities across the Valley.

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