Cybercriminals and cyberwarriors are targeting utilities. Gone are the days when cybersecurity was a nicety. Today, it’s a necessity. Entities ranging from the federal government and hospitals to ports and power companies have been, are currently, and will continue to be attacked in increasingly sophisticated manners.

Bad actors target power companies for a variety of reasons beyond controlling or disrupting power supply. Ransomware attacks are used to hold data or critical systems “hostage” until a ransom is paid, generating large payoffs for the attacker. Cybercriminals are also known to target sensitive customer data to sell to foreign entities or to request false payments from customers. Regardless of the reason for the attack, the compromised power company can be left with damages including severe fines and intrusive investigations.

Governments are finally waking up to the fact that our power companies are often on the front lines of cyberbattles. In addition to federal guidelines, many state governments require safeguards for power companies because they understand that greater security is needed. For instance, Tennessee law requires LPCs to submit their cyber security plan each year by July 1.

LPCs across the Valley do not need to face bad cyber actors alone, and they shouldn’t try. As the go-to innovative technology solutions provider for the Valley, Seven States is ready to help LPCs comply with government cybersecurity regulations and protect against cyber threats.

In partnership with INTUITIVE Research and Technology, a Huntsville-based software engineering firm, Seven States is offering LPCs access to the Grid Cyber Protection Service (GCPS). GCPS provides LPCs access to an enterprise-grade, affordable cybersecurity service to address hacktivist, criminal, and nation-state cyber threats as well as evolving government and industry regulations. Based on INTUITIVE’s DECIDE™ Platform, GCPS is a comprehensive approach to critical infrastructure cybersecurity while remaining modular and integrated with existing investments in cybersecurity tools for even greater flexibility.

GCPS will make the entire Valley’s electrical grid stronger by supporting LPCs with a full-time cybersecurity staff, vulnerability and risk assessments, continuous monitoring and reporting, managed threat detection and correlation, digital forensics, malware/ ransomware protection, threat hunting, reconnaissance, and endpoint protection.

GCPS offers LPCs the best of both worlds: they get Seven States’ deep knowledge of the unique vulnerabilities and requirements of LPCs in addition to INTUITIVE’s expert cyber assessments, continuous monitoring, rapid response, and custom reporting services. By pairing Seven States with INTUITIVE, LPCs receive tailor-made cybersecurity options that fit the unique regional utility landscape.

Seven States is offering LPCs the opportunity to partner with a cybersecurity leader, INTUITIVE, to build a stronger defense against cybercriminals.  Reach out to BJ Bernard today to begin a conversation about Seven States’ Grid Cyber Protection Service.