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About Seven States Power Corporation

Seven States offers products and services for designing, developing and deploying distribution services, including energy and demand solutions. Current areas of focus include the emerging EV marketplace, renewables revolution, and rapidly increasing need for load management services and generation ownership.


Incorporated by the Tennessee Valley Public Power Association (TVPPA) in 2007, Seven States is a separate, non-profit membership corporation with the powers of a generation & transmission cooperative to serve TVPPA’s members.

EV Chargers
Load Management
Generation Ownership
Our Mission

Seven States represents the community interest of local power companies as they navigate change through the distribution marketplace of the future.  Seven States offers products and services customized to meet the unique needs of each local power company because our customers are our owners.

Our Customers
We serve the 154 distributor members of TVPPA, 130 of which are also members of Seven States Power Corp.
Our Leadership

We are governed by a 18-member board of directors comprised of municipal and cooperative members elected by each of 10 divisions and seven districts within the Tennessee Valley.

Key Facts


states served




board members
Current Officers

Rody Blevins
Volunteer EC, Decatur, TN.


Greg Fay
Vice Chair
Clinton, TN., UB


Jim Ferrell
Jackson, TN., EA

Doug Peters
President & CEO


Betsey Kirk McCall
Vice President



What is the relationship between Seven States Power Corp. and TVPPA?

We are a separate, non-profit membership corporation designed to serve as a generation and transmission cooperative for TVPPA’s 154 distributor members. We have our own directors and officers.


My company is ready to explore the distributed energy solutions Seven States offers, but how do I know where to begin?

Our team will help you find the solutions that are right for your business and the community it serves. First, call or email Betsey Kirk McCall or Clint Wilson at (423) 490-7772 or info@7SPC.com.


Can Seven States assist me with a TVPPA DER Flexibility Research Project (FRP) proposal?

Yes, our team can help you prepare a proposal that meets the DER FRP guidelines. Once approved, we can provide whatever level of support our members need to see their project through to completion.


What if I’m interested in a technology or service not listed on your website?

We are here to serve our members’ current and future needs in this changing energy marketplace. We welcome your ideas and look forward to exploring new possibilities with you.

Our Team
Meet our expert team of engineers, project managers, data analysts and more.
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