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Seven States Wants to Put You on the EV-Charger Map

  An EV fast charging station every 50 miles along Tennessee’s interstates and major highways – that’s the goal of the Tennessee Fast Charging Corridor Network, a collaboration between the Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA) and the Tennessee Department of Environment & Conservation (TDEC). Designed to help promote adoption of electric vehicles (EVs) by alleviating range anxiety while also advancing the State’s goal of establishing a statewide corridor fast-charging network that improves transportation efficiency, reduces vehicle emissions and strengthens the resiliency of

University of Tennessee, Seven States Power, KUB Partner to Gain Valuable EV Insights

  Four years ago, the University of Tennessee at Knoxville (UTK) launched a new initiative to help future corporate leaders bridge the divide between business and technical teams. The Heath Integrated Business and Engineering Program brings together students from the university’s Haslam College of Business and its Tickle College of Engineering to teach them how two very different sides of an organization can work together. In 2020, Seven States Power Corp. partnered with Knoxville Utilities Board (KUB) and students from the

Seven States Power Corp. Names Vice President of Partnerships and Project Development

Seven States Power Corp. welcomes James Ellis to the team as the company’s new vice president of partnerships and project development. Bringing more than 15 years of experience in sustainable transportation and clean energy projects, Ellis now holds responsibility for establishing and executing the company’s strategy for electrification and building Seven States Power’s significant collaborations. Starting work on April 1, 2021, Ellis joins Seven States at an opportune moment to help local power companies achieve their EV-charging and clean energy goals.

Seven States Power Launches as Independent Energy Solutions Company

Seven States Power Corporation’s board of directors cast a significant vote today for our energy solutions company. After three years of exponential increases in demand for project management services by the Tennessee Valley’s local power companies (LPCs), the Seven States Power board of directors committed to growing the company by launching it as a self-reliant business with a dedicated staff under the leadership of President & CEO Betsey Kirk McCall. The change, effective this month, will enable Seven States Power to

Meet the Muscle: The Seven States Power Team

As the demands for Distributed Energy Resources (DER) and renewable energy options continue to increase throughout the Valley, so does the need for a trusted energy solutions advisor who can guide local power companies as they evaluate the range of innovative technologies and environmentally conscious energy solutions available to them. Betsey Kirk McCall The launch of Seven States Power Corporation as an independent, self-sustaining business means that members and their consumers now have access to a staff of three pros with

Ride-Through Technology Available to Members and their Industrial Customers

  After hearing about the new electric ride-through (ERT) solution being offered by Seven States Power Corporation and technology partner RK Energy (RKE), Blue Ridge Mountain EMC’s Erik Brinke knew an ideal site for testing out the new technology which helps industrial customers protect against critical downtime events. A wire extrusion manufacturer with multiple facilities producing a variety of cables from small security cables to large primary feed electrical conductors with a long history of numerous power fluctuations each year offered

Board to Vote on Middle Mile Fiber Expansion

During a special called meeting of the Seven States Power board of directors on January 28, 2021, the board will decide whether we will move forward with Phase Two of plans to build a Middle Mile Network. The goal of the Middle Mile Network project is to build a lit, interconnected fiber network across the Tennessee Valley by leveraging the existing assets of local power companies (LPC) and building connections between systems. With access to high-speed fiber, LPCs can benefit from

Solar Solutions Now More Accessible than Ever with Seven States Power

What began with a request to help Knoxville Utilities Board evaluate renewable energy sources in their operations has quickly become one of our most in-demand services. Offering a full-range of solar consulting services, Seven States Power provides local power companies (LPCs) with the necessary expertise to navigate the entire process of developing a solar project, from evaluation to execution. Access to this kind of knowledge and experience can be especially valuable to LPCs that do not have the staff or resources

Expanded EV Charger Offerings Provide Members More Options

Getting acquainted with electric vehicle charging technology just got easier for Seven States Power members interested in accessing the market. In addition to the industry-leading ChargePoint DC Fast and Level 2 chargers that have been a mainstay of our charger offerings and installed by dozens of members for consumer use in their communities, we now offer another product for members interested in becoming more familiar with the technology before building a deployment plan. In December, Seven States Power expanded our relationship
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Seven States Now Offering RK Energy Ride-Through and Regenergy Products

Thanks to a Seven States Power partnership with RK Energy, our members with a large base of commercial and industrial clients (C&I) can now offer a new tool to help C&I customers protect against the risk of power interruptions. Companies that depend on intelligent technologies, like variable speed drives, are especially vulnerable to the risks of even a blink in their power supply. By one estimate, industrial and digital businesses lose up to $45.7 billion per year due to power interruptions.