Are You Cyber Aware?

A CyberSecurity Workshop for Electric Utilities
Watch these videos from our CyberSecure webinar to learn how to assess your power company’s risk, discover what cybersecurity resources are available to you and learn how you can proactively defend distribution systems and assets against cybersecurity threats.
The CyberSecure webinar was presented by Seven States Power in partnership with APPA, NRECA, INTUITIVE and Axio.
Session 1
Exploring the Connection
to Utilities and Renewables
Chuck Speaks, Intuitive Research and Technology Corporation
Session 2
Intro of APPA and NRECA
Cybersecurity Assessment Tools
Nathan Mitchell (APPA) and Cynthia Hsu (NRECA)
Session 3
Assessment Tool
Deep Dive
David White (Axio)
Click below to view the Slide Presentation from our workshop
Downloadable Self-Assessment Tools
APPA’s Scorecard and NRECA’s RC3 Cybersecurity Self-Assessment are tools designed to support your cybersecurity strategy. Presented together for the first time, Seven States members have exclusive access to both tools.

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