Electric Vehicles

We partner with multiple electric vehicle (EV) charging manufacturers to offer specially priced charging solutions that help our members serve their consumers. We offer Level 2 chargers for residential, small commercial and fleet management as well as DC fast charging solutions for those travelers looking to get back on the road quickly. Our partners include ChargePoint, SemaConnect, OATI, and Clipper Creek. Additionally, Seven States has joined the Drive TN Electric effort to install Level 2 and DC fast chargers along the interstate and highway network in Tennessee.

Our project management team offers procurement, installation and commissioning services for EV chargers.  Financing and leasing options are available.

Through our partnership with Nissan, we have established a special pricing program for LEAF fleet cars.

Eight Seven States members have EV projects in various stages of deployment. The installations include both Level 2 and DC fast chargers with a combination of purchased and leased deployments.

For more information about our EV chargers and our preferred pricing plan for EVs, contact Lance Irwin at lirwin@7spc.com.