Research & Innovation

Change is here, and we’re ready for it. We are investing in research, energy intelligence and technologies that enable our members to meet the evolving energy demands of today and tomorrow.

Economic Analysis
We harness the power of data analytics to help our members make informed decisions about managing their assets and planning for economic load dispatch. We aim to help our members work smarter by making informed decisions that improve their operational efficiencies, driving down costs, and reducing carbon emissions.
Second Life Batteries
By investing in Nissan’s 2nd Life Battery Research Project, we are gaining valuable insight into future uses of spent electric vehicle batteries as new energy storage solutions for utility demand side response.
Thermostats & Hot Water Heaters
We are assisting our members channel the power of SMART devices that enable cost-conscious consumers and our member utilities alike to manage costs and realize energy efficiencies. The number of SMART thermostats, hot water heaters and other sensors are increasing on a daily basis and generating new opportunities for more effective demand response. SMART devices operate more efficiently through our DERMS platform.