Seven States Power Now an Independent Company

Jeff Dykes, Chairman of the Board

This is a very special day, and as chairman of the Seven States Power Corporation board it is my great pleasure to share the exciting news with you.


Our board of directors has decided to launch Seven States Power as an independent business under the leadership of Betsey Kirk McCall and with a dedicated, full-time staff.


This change will enable Seven States Power team members to focus entirely on helping members achieve their vision for the renewable energy products and services their customers want, and to building the research and partnerships to get there.


We congratulate Betsey, our new president & CEO, who has led the Seven States Power team over the last three years. This team successfully redefined the mission of the organization and grew it into an independent, self-sustaining energy solutions provider.


Seven States Power’s independence is made possible in large part to the support TVPPA provided the business over the last 13 years, including the capable shared staff who contributed greatly to growing the business into what it is today. We are grateful for the resources TVPPA provided to develop the team that moved Seven States Power from a single generation asset company to an energy solutions provider.


Our industry has changed dramatically in recent years and with even more change on the horizon, this is the right time for Seven States Power to pursue an independent, mission-focused path with a dedicated, full-time team. Now, more than ever, we need the resources of Seven States Power to design, develop and deploy distributed energy products that enable our members to meet the needs of their consumers in an evolving energy marketplace.


Congratulations to the Seven States Power team, and thank you to all who have contributed to the bright future ahead.



Jeff Dykes
Chairman of the Board