The University of Tennessee at Chattanooga served as host to this year’s Tennessee Valley Corridor National Summit on May 29-30, 2019. The Tennessee Valley Corridor (TVC) has built a strong alliance of community, business, education and government leaders through its technological summits that are held every year throughout the Valley. The primary focus of the summit is to advocate for collaboration and cooperation among key institutions, organizations, businesses and political leaders in the Tennessee Valley.

In attendance at this year’s summit were Seven States Power Corp. Executive Vice President, Betsey Kirk McCall, and Vice President of Engineering and Energy Innovations, Clint Wilson. McCall and Wilson were able to meet with local political and institutional leaders to discuss potential business partnerships to benefit Seven States Power Corp. members.

“When leaders and advocates collaborate to bring new opportunities to the Tennessee Valley, the possibilities are endless. The summit energized and challenged me to think outside the box on how Seven States Power Corporation can partner strategically to deliver services to our members and benefit the people of the Tennessee Valley.”