RK Regenergy-related image

Thanks to a Seven States Power partnership with RK Energy, our members with a large base of commercial and industrial clients (C&I) can now offer a new tool to help C&I customers protect against the risk of power interruptions. Companies that depend on intelligent technologies, like variable speed drives, are especially vulnerable to the risks of even a blink in their power supply. By one estimate, industrial and digital businesses lose up to $45.7 billion per year due to power interruptions.

RK Energy’s electric ride-through system helps protect against such losses by capturing what has been traditionally a waste product from kinetic electric motor braking on variable speed drive applications. The energy is stored and instantly recycled directly back to the motor load as soon as sensors detect a reduction in voltage triggered by a power outage. This recycled energy keeps production lines moving thereby reducing losses.

RK Energy’s electric “Regenergy” system may also help industries reach sustainability goals. By recycling this otherwise wasted energy, traditionally burned off as waste heat on dynamic braking resistors, power consumption and peak motor loads are reduced. By lowering power consumption and the peak motor loads, industrial customers may come closer to achieving long-term carbon neutrality initiatives and help reduce total load for local power companies.

To learn more about this exciting technology partnership between Seven States Power and RK Energy, as well as special pricing options for Seven States members, contact Clint Wilson.