What began with a request to help Knoxville Utilities Board evaluate renewable energy sources in their operations has quickly become one of our most in-demand services. Offering a full-range of solar consulting services, Seven States Power provides local power companies (LPCs) with the necessary expertise to navigate the entire process of developing a solar project, from evaluation to execution. Access to this kind of knowledge and experience can be especially valuable to LPCs that do not have the staff or resources to pursue solar on their own.

“We know there are many LPCs who haven’t explored their options with solar generation yet because they’re not sure where to start,” says Steve Noe, Director of Strategic Energy Solutions for Seven States Power. “But we believe the benefits of solar energy are available to everyone and we can offer the right guidance and support for helping LPCs determine the best, most cost-efficient way to access those benefits.”

From evaluating its feasibility and conducting the RFP to driving it all the way to construction and full operation, Seven States Power has the ability to offer turnkey solar solutions for LPCs throughout the Tennessee Valley, but can also consult on any single aspect of a project as needed by an LPC. Our team can even help LPCs identify and evaluate developers to partner with under a Power Purchase Arrangement (PPA).


In addition to providing expert technical guidance to LPCs exploring solar generation, we now have an exclusive agreement with Chris Mitchell Consultants to work with member LPCs on rate analysis. Using interval data, Mitchell can help LPCs determine the value of a solar project and which type of project– from a PPA to a self-owned array provides the most cost-effective benefit to the LPC and its energy consumers.

“Every type of solar generation arrangement has benefits and complications. The value in working with Seven States Power lies in having a team of experts who know what those benefits and challenges are based on the unique qualities each LPC brings to the table, from geography to staffing resources,” says Noe.

With the completion of Project Liftoff in Huntsville, Ala., plus six very different types of solar projects currently under contract or in negotiant — including a unique joint project between Appalachian Electric Cooperative and Morristown Utilities as well as Sevier County Electric System’s complex solar installation atop a closed landfill — our team continues to rapidly gain knowledge that will inform and advance the expertise we bring to every future consultation. To learn more about Seven States’ solar solutions, contact Steve Noe.