Seven States Power Corporation ended its 2023 Annual Meeting at the National Corvette Museum by celebrating a unique and sustainable new feature on the Corvette Campus: three new solar charging stations installed by Seven States that offer visitors a place to relax and recharge personal devices like cell phones.

The new solar charging stations allow visitors to charge their devices for free via power generated from solar panels on top of the canopy. Batteries in the structure store energy for charging devices even when the sun is not shining. The stations will generate approximately 250 kWh of renewable energy annually – enough to charge the mobile devices of tourists, especially those visiting the Museum while on the Bowling Green Trolley Tour.

National Corvette Museum President & CEO Sharon Brawner, TVA President & CEO Jeff Lyash, Warren RECC President & CEO Dewayne McDonald, and Seven States President & CEO Betsey Kirk McCall each delivered brief remarks at the dedication event to thank each other for partnering on this project and for collaboratively deploying innovative technology.

“The story of Corvette is the story of innovation and advancement, and one that we’re proud to preserve and celebrate at the National Corvette Museum,” explained Sharon Brawner, National Corvette Museum President and CEO. “The Museum’s new solar charging stations are a representation of our never-ending mission to improve and enhance our visitor experience. I thank Seven States Power Corporation for the partnership on this valuable new asset to our museum, which together with venue-wide Wi-Fi access, will help keep our guests connected during their visit to the Corvette Campus.”

“This project demonstrates how Seven States is working in partnership with local power companies, TVA, and private entities to build the power system of the future across the Valley,” said Betsey Kirk McCall, President & CEO of Seven States Power Corporation. “Our combined efforts on this project will inspire the next generation who come to this museum to admire the legacy of technological innovation embodied in every Corvette.”

“Warren RECC is pleased to partner with the Seven States Power Corporation and our member, the National Corvette Museum, to bring new technology to the Museum campus in a way that complements the innovative tradition of the Corvette,” said Dewayne McDonald, President and CEO of Warren RECC.