Opening our members to a world of distributed energy resources (DERs) – solar, EVs and battery storage just to name a few – and offering a system to manage the connected devices (DERMS) has been a primary focus of our team over the last two years. As our members deploy more DERs and enjoy greater flexibility to build distributed generation assets, it is becoming increasingly important that together we recognize both the opportunities and risks associated with each new grid-connected device.

Each interconnection that communicates openly across the grid creates an entry point for potential hackers on the network. That is why we are working with national experts to understand vulnerabilities, qualify potential vendors and develop a turnkey cybersecurity solution to protect the integrity of systems across the Valley.

“In partnership with APPA and NRECA, we are sharing information about vendors and learning about distribution-level products and services,” said Clint Wilson, vice president of engineering and energy innovations. “Through the collective wisdom of these national organizations, our peers nationwide and our members here in the Tennessee Valley, we are working to develop the most effective solutions for protecting member assets, systems, and ultimately the consumers they serve.”

Seven States Power expects to launch a robust cybersecurity program later this year. Meanwhile, through our partnership with the national associations, we are designing educational materials and other tools to help our members discover their system vulnerabilities and understand how to protect against them.

For more information, please contact Clint Wilson at or 423-531-0547.