During a special called meeting of the Seven States Power board of directors on January 28, 2021, the board will decide whether we will move forward with Phase Two of plans to build a Middle Mile Network. The goal of the Middle Mile Network project is to build a lit, interconnected fiber network across the Tennessee Valley by leveraging the existing assets of local power companies (LPC) and building connections between systems. With access to high-speed fiber, LPCs can benefit from operational efficiencies and improved reliability through enhanced communication and data collection which in turn can be used to help with load management. Additionally, an interconnected network can allow LPCs to more cost-effectively launch a broadband platform by tapping into headend infrastructure outside their own territory.


Our staff has been working with industry partner CTC Technology & Energy on a feasibility study, business plan, and high-level network design based on information gathered from a member survey, in-depth interviews with members, and GIS data. The information was used to create a detailed map of existing fiber networks.

If approved by the board, Phase Two of the Middle Mile Network project would leverage LPC fiber optic infrastructure to build connections between existing networks. Ultimately, about 3,900 miles of fiber would connect LPCs across the Tennessee Valley and bring high-speed fiber access to rural and underserved communities.

To learn more about Seven States Power’s Middle Mile Fiber project, contact Vice President of Engineering & Energy Innovations, Clint Wilson.