Getting acquainted with electric vehicle charging technology just got easier for Seven States Power members interested in accessing the market. In addition to the industry-leading ChargePoint DC Fast and Level 2 chargers that have been a mainstay of our charger offerings and installed by dozens of members for consumer use in their communities, we now offer another product for members interested in becoming more familiar with the technology before building a deployment plan.

In December, Seven States Power expanded our relationship with Clipper Creek to improve access to their competitively priced Level 2 chargers. The partnership enables us to provide Clipper Creek products, expert installation services and expedited shipping, all for a competitive price.

“Until now, Clipper Creek has offered a basic Level 2 EV charger for owner use, which some members have chosen as a means of gaining cost-effective access to the technology,” said Brad Rains, Director of DER Deployments. “This year, Clipper Creek is offering a new product that allows the owner to process payment for consumer use – a service that has long been part of the ChargePoint line – so our members now have two terrific options for public use.”

The Clipper Creek partnership complements Seven States Power’s long-standing partnership with ChargePoint for its commercial, industrial and residential EV chargers.

“With the growing EV market comes a demand for charging infrastructure; load growth will follow,” says Rains.

Despite the impact of COVID-19 on communities across the Valley, Rains oversaw 50 EV charger installations for members in 22 communities across the Valley in 2020. An additional 9 projects representing 29 new installs are already planned for 2021. To learn more about Seven States’ EV charging solutions, contact Brad Rains.