CHATTANOOGA, TN – October 20, 2022 – Seven States Power Corporation, a nonprofit cooperative owned by local power companies (LPCs) throughout the Tennessee Valley, has been awarded a $500,000 grant by the Appalachian Regional Commission (ARC) for the Enhanced DC Fast Charger Installation Project.

The funding will allow three new charging stations – each with 2 or 4 chargers – to be built in strategic locations along the I-75 and I-81 corridors, filling current gaps in EV charging infrastructure.

These chargers will help reduce EV range anxiety across the region by making fast chargers available at regular intervals along major travel routes. In turn, this project will speed the Tennessee Valley’s EV adoption rates in a way that helps local power companies, builds local infrastructure, and encourages EV drivers to visit more local communities.

“Seven States works with our member-owner LPCs and a wide variety of strategic partners to design, develop, and deploy new technology to move the Tennessee Valley forward,” said Betsey Kirk McCall, President & CEO of Seven States. “This significant grant allows Seven States to deliver additional support to our member-owners who are bringing exciting new technologies such as electric vehicles to their communities.”

The Appalachian Regional Commission (ARC) is an economic development agency of the federal government and 13 state governments focusing on 423 counties across the Appalachian region.

Seven States will coordinate with the Athens Utilities Board, Greeneville Light and Power System, and Morristown Utilities to procure, install, manage, and maintain the charging stations, which will operate in Athens (McMinn County), Greeneville (Greene County), and Morristown (Hamblen County).



Seven States Power Corporation (Seven States) is an energy and technology solutions provider for local power companies in the Tennessee Valley. As a non-profit membership cooperative, it is 100% owned and operated by the 153 power utilities across the seven states region in the Tennessee Valley Authority’s service area. Seven States leverages innovative technology to design, develop, and deploy sustainable solutions in the areas of electrification, renewables, and connectivity. It strategically deploys solutions that support grid resiliency, economic development, and carbon reduction efforts.