Mary McDuffa knows that innovation and long-term planning are paramount in her industry.

Leading the City of Florence Electric Department as General Manager since 2019, Mary learned early that continuously implementing innovative technology is the key to the sustained success of her organization. We asked her to share what she was looking forward to as she prepares her LPC’s infrastructure for the future:

“As we get our AMI fully deployed, we’re already looking ahead to smart lighting that will conserve energy, as well as distributed energy resources with solar options. We’re also looking forward to the Middle Mile Project that Seven States is working on for the Valley. We continually look for smart grid solutions to increase our reliability. All of this will enable us to monitor and control the system’s loads more efficiently.”

Above all, Mary wants her customers to know that the City of Florence’s mission is to serve the community.

“Our mission is to deliver power safely, reliably, and economically. That’s why innovation is so important, because it always brings safer, more economical options to our customers’ lives while increasing reliability. I want our customers to know that the innovative technology we implement helps support our mission to serve the City of Florence’s residents better.”

With 28 years of industry experience, Mary knows that change can often be intimidating, so she offered this piece of advice to general managers considering technological steps forward:

“Don’t be afraid to try something that’s new. You can always try it on a small scale and see if it’s going to work for you before you can do it on a larger scale. You never know how a new technology is going to benefit you until you try.  If you always stick with what you know, then you’ll never advance.”