Brian Taylor knows how vital innovative partnerships and technology are in preparing the grid for the future.

Brian has led CDE Lightband as general manager since 2012 with a deep understanding of technological diversity and strategic partnerships. We asked him to share his experience deploying past projects with Seven States.

“Seven States has been pivotal in our transformation and preparation for the future. Quite honestly, it’s been a game-changer in what we’re doing. There’s so much change in our industry, and it’s coming at such a fast pace, that we can’t stay on top of everything internally. Seven States provides the resources we need at our fingertips, and with every project we’ve deployed, they’ve been with us every step of the way.”

Brian always considers how his customers view CDE Lightband’s investments in innovation.

“I want our customers to know that we are leaders in our industry and are bringing things into the system to improve system reliability and resiliency. Everything that we do – every single decision, whether it’s bringing in a new outage management system or being intentional in our social media communications – every decision is made to do our job more efficiently and at less cost to the customers.”

With 42 years of industry experience, Brian has learned that partnerships are fundamental to being an innovative leader. He offered this advice to general managers who might need support in bringing innovation to their community.

“My advice to any new GM in this industry would be to reach out to your peers. That’s first and foremost: reach out to folks who have already done it; don’t try to do it alone because there’s such power in collaboration. And then, secondly, call Seven States. That’s how important they are to the Valley. Any innovative-forward GM you reach out to would likely encourage you to call Seven States.