Great news for Tennessee Valley LPCs: The U.S. DOE Office of Manufacturing and Energy Supply Chains (MESC) is providing rebates for the replacement of qualified energy inefficient transformers with qualified energy efficient transformers and for expenditures made by qualified entities for the purchase or installation of a qualified extended product system.

The Energy Efficient Transformer Rebate Program aims to help qualified entities such as domestic manufacturers, utilities, hospitals, schools, and other operators replace qualified energy inefficient distribution transformers with qualified energy efficient transformers. Applicants are also eligible if they are replacing transformers that were destroyed in a natural disaster. MESC will accept applications for rebates until the program deadline of December 8 or until funds are expended, whichever comes first.

Rebates under the Extended Product System Rebate Program are for qualified entities that purchased and installed or newly incorporated an extended product system. Extended Product Systems (EPS) are industrial and large HVAC systems that are combinations of electric motors, electronic control, and driven load (e.g., pumps, fans, and compressors). MESC will accept applications for rebates until funds are expended.

Please contact or a member of the Seven States team with any questions or for more information.