Seven States Seeks Technology Project Manager

TECHNOLOGY PROJECT MANAGER Seven States Power Corporation is looking for an experienced professional to join its growing team. To learn more about Seven States, visit   Job Summary: Seeking a Technology Project Manager with experience in renewable power and large-scale generation projects. Will coordinate and manage the deployment of electric vehicle chargers, solar generation and battery storage systems, backup generation, and other energy services in the Tennessee Valley. Develops and maintains detailed project schedules, budgets, and resource plans; leads project

Tim Culpepper: Valley Innovation Ambassador

With his previous years of leadership experience as the General Counsel and Vice President of Administrative Services, Tim Culpepper’s transition to CEO of Cullman Electric Cooperative in 2018 was an opportunity to ensure his system was prepared for the future. He offered the following thoughts regarding how his LPC has navigated the deployment of new technology: “From our members’ perspective, one of our most-needed technological pieces was access to quality high-speed internet. We also needed to begin preparing for what the

Mary McDuffa: Valley Innovation Ambassador

Mary McDuffa knows that innovation and long-term planning are paramount in her industry. Leading the City of Florence Electric Department as General Manager since 2019, Mary learned early that continuously implementing innovative technology is the key to the sustained success of her organization. We asked her to share what she was looking forward to as she prepares her LPC’s infrastructure for the future: “As we get our AMI fully deployed, we’re already looking ahead to smart lighting that will conserve energy,

Is your LPC prepared for a cyber threat?

Cybercriminals and cyberwarriors are targeting utilities. Gone are the days when cybersecurity was a nicety. Today, it’s a necessity. Entities ranging from the federal government and hospitals to ports and power companies have been, are currently, and will continue to be attacked in increasingly sophisticated manners. Bad actors target power companies for a variety of reasons beyond controlling or disrupting power supply. Ransomware attacks are used to hold data or critical systems “hostage” until a ransom is paid, generating large payoffs

Seven States Holds Webinar on USDA Grants for Valley LPCs

There’s never been a better time for LPCs in the Tennessee Valley to pursue renewable energy solutions thanks to federal funding opportunities and flexibility options by TVA. With that in mind, Seven States recently held a webinar on the topic of USDA’s PACE and New ERA grant programs — two programs funded by the Inflation Reduction Act that represent the largest investment in rural electrification since President Franklin Delano Roosevelt signed the Rural Electrification Act into law in 1936. Attendees, representing

16 EV Chargers in 8 Weeks: LPCs Trust Seven States

What do Clarksville, Lawrenceburg, Bristol, Hohenwald, and Pontotoc, all have in common? They are all home to brand new EV fast chargers thanks to LPCs who trust Seven States to design, develop, and deploy innovative technology like charging infrastructure in their communities. Tennessee’s Fast Charge Network is being built thanks to the collaboration of numerous public, private, and nonprofit entities all working together for the good of America’s current and future EV drivers. As the country – and especially the Tennessee

Chuck Bowlin: Valley Innovation Ambassador

With 32 years of experience in the industry, Chuck Bowlin is no stranger to technological innovation Since assuming the role of President and CEO of Greeneville Energy Authority in 2020, Chuck has put his experience with innovation to work for his customers. “Offering broadband has been the biggest thing we’ve tackled since I started in my current role and we should be able to begin offering broadband services by late summer. We wanted to position ourselves to be able to apply

Josh Compton: Valley Innovation Ambassador

Josh Compton knows the wide-reaching impact technology is having on the Valley. Leading Appalachian Electric Cooperative (AEC) as general manager and executive VP, Josh is focused on keeping innovation at the forefront to improve the lives of his cooperative’s members. “We’re currently focusing on demand side management opportunities, but in the next five years, we’re looking ahead to member and community-supported battery programs and EV charging infrastructure buildouts. AEC’s goal is to always support our members and the communities we serve,

Driving Electric Just Got Easier in Bean Station, TN

Bean Station will soon connect to Fast Charge TN and regional Fast Charge Network Bean Station, Tennessee – As automakers retool their factories to build electric vehicles (EVs), many more EVs will be on the roadways in the next decade. AEC is helping to ensure that Tennessee is ready with charging infrastructure. On April 5, 2023, at 10:00 A.M., AEC announced that it has installed two fast chargers at Subway in Bean Station as part of Fast Charge TN, a partnership

Middle Mile Fiber Optic Network

The Seven States Middle Mile Network (SSMMN) will be a private carrier-grade communications fiber optic network built, owned, and operated by Seven States Power Corporation (Seven States) and its membership comprised of Local Power Companies (LPC) across TN, KY, MS, AL, GA, NC, and VA. The network will connect the internet backbone to LPC last mile providers and will deliver both broadband and electric system benefits. For LPCs offering broadband services, the SSMMN will deliver high-speed, reliable internet to each participating