Jeff Hurd: Valley Innovation Ambassador

With 33 years of experience in the industry, Jeff Hurd’s transition to general manager of Hopkinsville Electric System in 2017 was an opportunity to ensure his system was prepared for the future. “Automated Metering Infrastructure was at the top of our list of innovative advancements. We went from reading meters once a month to being able to have our customers’ information right at our fingertips. This has helped us educate them about their usage habits and help predict future patterns. Digitizing

Dewayne McDonald: Valley Innovation Ambassador

Dewayne McDonald knows how innovative partnerships and technology can prepare us for the future. Since 2019, Dewayne has led Warren Rural Electric Cooperative Corporation as president and CEO with an emphasis on technological diversity and strategic partnerships. We asked him to share his experience with deploying past projects with Seven States: “One thing I especially appreciate about our partnership with Seven States is the fact that it would be so difficult for a utility to do everything related to a new

Dr. Angela Verdell: Valley Innovation Ambassador

One of the first actions Dr. Angela Verdell took when she became the general manager of Columbus Light & Water in 2021 was to improve internal technology to better serve her customers. “It was a big deal for us to transition from several manual and paper formats to digital, but it has made our overall facilitation so much easier. And now that we’ve started upgrading the fiber ring for operations, that’s going to give us better system reliability, redundancy, and customer

Keith Hayward: Valley Innovation Ambassador

Keith Hayward has seen more than his fair share of technology development in the Valley. Serving as General Manager and CEO of North East Mississippi Electric Power Association since 2013, Keith has worked tirelessly to keep his LPC at the forefront of innovation. We asked him to share his experience with innovative technology deployments as it relates to his LPC footprint: “As technology develops in our industry, co-ops in rural areas need technology even more because we’re so spread out and

Battery Storage Is Charging Up

The Tennessee Valley has an opportunity to lead the nation in battery storage technology.  As its members, the Local Power Companies (LPCs), explore battery storage options, Seven States is the go-to partner to streamline the process, aggregate projects for grant funding, and facilitate a successful deployment. Seven States has broad experience building partnerships to deploy a variety of different storage technologies, including at the US Space and Rocket Center, the University of Memphis, and Nissan’s manufacturing plant in Smyrna, TN. Through

A New Day for LPC Cybersecurity

The electric infrastructure in the Tennessee Valley keeps the lights on for millions of homes and businesses.  Protecting these assets from cyber threats is critically important.  While government entities are increasingly getting involved in the domestic cybersecurity arena, LPCs can now find solutions closer to home. True to its purpose as an innovation hub and technology solutions provider for LPCs, Seven States is offering LPCs a tailored solution to this pressing challenge. Through its partnership with INTUITIVE, a technology management and

Seven States ‘Celebrates Innovation’ at 2022 Annual Meeting in Memphis, TN

Seven States Power Corporation held its 2022 Annual Meeting November 2-3 at the FedEx Institute of Technology on the University of Memphis campus in Memphis, Tennessee. The two-day event kicked off with a board meeting on the afternoon of Wednesday, November 2. Leaders of LPCs across the Tennessee Valley participated in a business meeting the following morning, which was followed by guest speakers and an expert panel discussion. A dedication ceremony for two new solar workstations concluded the gathering. “Our theme

Photo Gallery: 2022 Seven States Annual Meeting at FedEx Institute of Technology at the University of Memphis

Seven States Power Corporation held its 2022 annual meeting November 2-3 at the FedEx Institute of Technology at the University of Memphis in Memphis, TN. The two-day event kicked off with a board meeting on the afternoon of Wednesday, November 2. The second day began with the business meeting, progressed with guest speakers and a panel discussion, and concluded with a dedication event for two new solar workstations. This year’s theme, “Celebrate Innovation,” highlighted the impact Seven States is having across

Seven States Launches Valley Innovation Ambassadors Initiative

Seven States President & CEO Betsey Kirk McCall announced at the 2022 Annual Meeting that the cooperative has launched the Valley Innovation Ambassadors (VIA) initiative as part of its guiding principle to serve as an innovation hub for LPCs. The purpose of this initiative is twofold: to highlight our ambassadors’ innovative accomplishments in the Valley, and to share lessons learned/best practices about technology products and services provided by Seven States. This group of ambassadors are leading their respective communities through technology.

Seven States, MLGW, FedEx Institute of Technology Install Solar Workstations At the University of Memphis

Following the 2022 Annual Meeting, Seven States and LPCs across the Tennessee Valley gathered to celebrate a unique and sustainable new feature on the University of Memphis campus: two new solar-powered workstations made possible by member-owner MLGW, Seven States Power Corporation, and the FedEx Institute of Technology. The new solar-powered workstations allow students, faculty, and staff to charge their mobile devices for free via power generated from solar panels on top of the umbrellas. Batteries in the workstation store energy for